Share a blogdown post with a colleague prior to publishing

I would like to share a formatted version (pdf preferably, but md or html) of a blogdown post prior to publishing so that a colleague may offer edits. I've looked quite a few times for this answer and looked through the blogdown book, so might be searching in the wrong way. Any direction would be appreciated?

Hi- this is one of the main reasons I like to use Netlify for deployment- how is your site deployed? If you follow the blogdown book section to use Netlify for deployment, you'll see how to set it up. Then you can leverage Netlify Deploy Previews using this type of workflow: A Blogdown New Post Workflow with Github and Netlify · Garrick Aden‑Buie

I was able to get it work with Garrick Aden-Buie's post. It looks like Netlify might have changed the settings for the section on Deploy Previews, so " Automatically build deploy previews for all pull requests" is not available as an option anymore. I actually kept the Netlify default settings (ie: no change) and it worked.

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