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Dear all:

I have a new published Shiny application designed primarily for psychometricians that implements analyses that are not found in any other software programs and am simply sharing for others to gather ideas. I find that many of the Shiny examples are a bit vanilla and don't take advantage of much CSS or other web-based features. This site is a basic shiny application with lots of conditional panels and CSS to make the user experience easy. There is also a fully embedded help section with online tutorials to guide the users on how to implement the various analyses contained.

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Nicely done. Reminds me of Radiant but you have more focus on the modelling aspects.

Well done!
Maybe you can include an explanation how the inputs should be formatted or include a demo-data set?
Also: How did you arrange the 2 inputs for the export options in one row? This is something I miss for my app:

I typically use the functions fluidRow and column to arrange inputs in a single row.

So just adding 2 columns in the sidebarPanel?
Never thought about this, I somehow expected this doesn't work well. I will try it.

Yes. The bootstrap library (on which the typical Shiny UI is based on) is typically 12 columns for each row. So something like -

  column(4, ...),
  column(2, ...),
  column(6, ...)

can be used to place three UI elements side by side. In this example, they occupy 4, 2 and 6 columns respectively.

@Matthias, if you click the "Help" tab on the nav bar and then choose a topic, there is a complete tutorial with descriptions and samples showing the data input requirements and how to run the various models for every analysis included in METRICS.

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