Shiny app can't deploy because data exceeds 2.9 GB. Are there any solutions I can take?

I have a shiny app which generates a simple plot. However, the user needs to select which dataset the plot will be based on. Collectively, all the possible datasets to choose from (which are necessary for my specific app) are in CSV files which exceed 2.9GB.

As I understand it, this is a different problem than exceeding running memory - aka after the app is already deployed.

What are the quickest and most painless solutions? Will hosting on my own server overcome this? Is there an easy way to upgrade this without paying some huge fee for 1000 other bells and whistles?


if you erly on the shinyapps platform then you'll need remote storage that the shiny app can read from on demand. If you host your own server and provide the file storage yourself thats another option.