Shiny App Deployment

Hello everyone, can someone please help with my shiny app. It works well on my local machine and also deploys successfully but is stuck on load when I try to open it here. Kindly download the log file here. Thanks

Is it possible you mistakenly put rsconnect type statements inside your app?

@nirgrahamuk I actually have a statement like this:


That shouldn't be in there.
You run reconnect commands in the console to do things like deploy the app.
If you include it in the app itself you will get a cycle like a snake eating it's tale of your app trying to deploy itself.
Remove all mentions of reconnect and related functions from your code.

Okay, I did that but it still doesn't work. Could you please help me take a look at the code itself here.

You have

deployApp(appName = "NLP_new")

This is asking the app to deploy itself. This can never work. Easy to remove though :slight_smile:

Ahah! It works, it worksss... Lol. Thanks
I removed that line and then I published through the publish button and ensured shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server) was the last line of the app.

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