shiny app error

Error in parse(file, keep.source = FALSE, srcfile = src, encoding = enc) :
/srv/connect/apps/shiny/app.R:40:66: unexpected 'if'
40: output$distPlot <- renderPlot({ if(input$s=='a') { i<-1 } if
Error in value[3L] : Error sourcing /srv/connect/apps/shiny/app.R
Calls: local ... tryCatch -> tryCatchList -> tryCatchOne ->
Execution halted

This was another error after the deployment
The previous error was removed with devtool::

Sorry you're having troubles with your app deployment!

Right now we don't have enough information to help diagnose the issue.

Firstly, here's's set of guides for deployment, with a number of resources dedicated to deploying to
Some more tips here;

For your specific problem, it would if you explained what you were trying to do, and what errors you received. If you are able to share the logs from ( You can do that by running rsconnect::showLogs() , or by visiting the dashboard and looking at the logs in your Application view.)
Right now I think folks are a little confused by your outline of the problem.

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