Shiny App Failing to Load with no Errors

Hello everyone!

I have an app hosted on that has been functional without issues for quite some time. However, lately I've found that it fails to load at seemingly random times when someone goes to log into it. It remains stuck on the stock 'Please Wait' screen.
I've checked the dashboard for hints at what may be happening, but I walk away from it more confused. The error logs show nothing out of the ordinary, and when I go to manually restart the app using the 'Restart' feature, it too gets stuck and fails to restart the application.
Every time this has happened, I've waited a couple hours and the issue seems to resolve itself. The app opens after that time without a problem and without me having done anything. This down time, however, prevents people from using the app that desperately need to, meaning I really need to prevent this issue from occuring.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all!