shiny app get disconnected from the server after sometime while running larger input file


I am in free plan in
I successfully deployed my app in It is doing analyses when I upload an input file with only 3 groups (3 replicates per group). However, it is getting disconnected from the server after a while when I upload input file (with more groups and more replicates). My app is meant to work for a file with any number of group (with any number of replicates per group). As a side note, my app is running locally perfectly though.

I guess that the interruption (disconnected from the server) is happening perhaps lack of memory while running analyses with bigger input files. Though I can not see any error in logs.

Please could someone help me. Do I need to upgrade my plan from free to higher version and that could resolve this issue. In that case which plan do I need to take, how to decide.

I would highly appreciate your advice.