Shiny app strange behavior

I am building a shiny app on RStudio Server Pro and upload the app to a local shiny server (free version).

Usually this works fine, users in my organisation can open the app in their browser.

Unfortunately, sometimes after uploading the app gives an error. When I check the log file, it seems like the app (on the server) cannot find a dependency. In app.R I source a file with source("file.R") but the app cannot find "file.R".

Sometimes after a couple of hours it works again. The only way to make sure it to work is to hard-code the files that are being sourced, i.e. source("/srv/shiny-server/NameOfApp/file.R"), which is not a very elegant solution.

I googled a lot on this problem, but no luck so far. I use Project, I don't have setwd() etc. anywhere in the code.

Any help would be appreciated!

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