Shiny app to render Rmd document


I'm creating a shiny app for generating reports. The report has an esqueleton made with diferents rmd documents called by child chunk option in a index.rmd document. In my computer the app works fine. I have a folder with the server.R , ui. R and a folder with rmd files.

I have two questions:
The first one is about uploading the app to shinyserver using rsconnect::deployApp . I get a lot of error message about diferents tables in the rmd files. And the app in the server doesn't works.

The second one is, is it possible to have an app in the server to send an script and execute in my personal computer?

Many thanks in advance

I'm trying to do something similar, but more complex. I have several rmd document for generating a report( using child in the chunks). I'm trying to do a shiny app for generating report, but my problem is with the temporary directory. The first time I execute the code from: everything goes well, but if I change the report.rmd code, in the report generated by the shiny app no changes appear. I reallyse the problem is from the temporary directory, but I don't know what can I do. I've tried to remove it , but doing this the aplication returns an error missage :the report.Rmd is not founded.

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