Shiny app: uploading and downloading csv files

Dear R community, I really need help no matter if I have to pay for a solution. Recently I posted a question left unanswered about a topic I am sure can be carried out quite easily if an expert will ever take the opportunity. But I decided to open here a new topic, since it differs quite sharply from the previous: basically I have an R script generating 3 csv files on a daily basis. These files are the data of a shiny app, and should be made available to anyone launching the app at any given time. I want R to write these 3 files on a website that can be retrieved whenever any user launches the app, therefore I need R to write these files and then to read them by anyone connected to the internet and launching the app. I have read quite extensively posts about googledrives and sheets, but authentications and error messages made me rethink about the approach and led me to look for different solutions. The data is not generated in the server of the shiny app, but externally by a script writing these 3 files which constitute the data of the app. Can anyone please let me know if a solution is within reach and provide practical examples to this end? Thanks