Shiny app working within R studio and Chrome locally, but not through the deployed link

I have an R shiny app which runs fine locally within RStudio, and also in Chrome when I click on "Open with browser" in RStudio. The deployment is also successful without any error. However, when I open it using the link of the web app, the app loads, but crashes as soon as I upload a file in the fileinput (The first action for the user on opening the app is to upload one or more excel files).

Can someone please help in finding out the cause of this error?

Thank you.


Can you share a reprex or the logs?

You can do that by running rsconnect::showLogs(), or by visiting the dashboard and looking at the logs in your Application view.

Source 9.4 of: Chapter 9 Troubleshooting | user guide

I suspect it has something to do with the file paths of the uploaded file being different in the different environments, but would need to see the error

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