Shiny Contest Submission: 2018 NBA Finals Summary



The 2018 NBA Finals was the fourth meeting between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This app allows users to interactively explore all four games.

RStudio Cloud project:

Filters in the app provide options to decide:

  • which game to explore
  • which plays to include/exclude (i.e. assists, blocks, made field goals, missed field goals, etc.)
  • which players to include/exclude

When reading through the play-by-play section, simply select a play(s) to highlight it in the visual.


Nice app @scottyd22 ! Appreciated the cleanliness of the GUI despite the high quantity of data that was represented. As a suggestion (for a non U.S nor NBA aficionado :smile:) I would have added the final score for each of the games.


Thanks for checking out my app, alessio! You make a good point about showing the final score. It can be found in the play-by-play section by scrolling all the way to the last entry, but making it more prominent (in addition to showing the score differential) is a good suggestion. I appreciate the feedback.


@scottyd22, I would expect an app about Syracuse Orange instead :wink: Good luck!


That was a close second :grinning: Thanks for checking it out!