Shiny Contest Submission: A GUIded tour around Bayesian regression

The link for the app is the following: and the code is on:

Features and highlights of the application :

This app is developed to make easier applications of Bayesian regression analysis. It is designed thinking about applied researchers and practitioners without programming skills. There are lots a packages that made easy to do a Bayesian regression analysis in R. However, users require programming skills. We want to overcome this requirement such that applied researchers and practitioners applied Bayesian techniques in a very easy graphical environment. In addition, we have in the "Help tab" in our app a paper called “A GUIded tour around Bayesian regression” where all technical concepts are presented such that users can know all underlying theory. This paper also includes a brief user guide.


We encourage anyone who wants to use our app to do it. We recommend to use the version since it is more stable, once you are on the project just tab shiny::runApp() in the command line. There is a folder named "dataSim" where users can find some toy files that they can use to start using our app (see Table 3 in our paper: “A GUIded tour around Bayesian regression”, “Help tab” in our app for details). In addition, users can try our app using their own datasets. We welcome any comments and feedback.

Key technical details (how the customization or extension was achieved) :

This app is the recopilation of a few different works (see Table 2 in our paper: “A GUIded tour around Bayesian regression”, “Help tab” in our app for details). We build each tab independently, and then we gather all models into just one app using the trick of "source" (see the app.r file). We expect to grow the app in the following years in the same way incorporating all comments and feedback.