Shiny Contest Submission: An App to Visualize and Share My Dogs’ Medical History



As a digital nomad traveling with 2 dogs, keeping track of all their medical and vaccine records has been challenging. Especially since one of our dogs has had some recent health issues. I needed a way to organize all the vet visits, test results, vaccine certificates, etc. as well as be able to share them with new vets and our primary vet back in Colorado. Thus, an R Shiny app was born.

The App
Github Repository
RStudio Cloud Project - I have not included my .Renviron file in this project which contains my credentials to AWS S3. The app still runs but you will see "Error: Forbidden (HTTP 403)" for any images or documents stored in the S3 bucket. All features work in the app itself on
Blog Post

Makes use of the timevis package to display medical events on a timeline for easy consumption. Also leverages an Amazon S3 bucket to display images and medical test records. The app started out using AWS RDS but I've since migrated the data to SQLite because my free period ended and I didn't want to pay Amazon $15 a month.


Awesome app! although it makes me feel lazy, I just keep notes of my dogs medical history on a .xlsx file.

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