Shiny Contest Submission: Around the Lorenz Attractor

Dear Shiny People,

This submission is about the famous Lorenz attractor.
Through this app, you will be able to explore the impact of changing parameters on the model dynamics, stability and bifurcations. If you are not familiar with the underlying equations, an info section is available.

Useful Links:

There are similar apps about the Lotka Volterra systems in ecology for those who might be interested by this topic.


There are two available designs.

argonLorenz App

bs4Lorenz App

Technical details


The model was written in C to speed up simulations.


This app is built upon 2 different templates, namely bs4Dash and argonDash, belonging to the RinteRface project.


Each part of the code has its own dedicated module. There are currently 9 modules, among them:

  • the computeLorenz module contains all input necessary to calculations such as the integration time, time step, ... It returns a dataframe containing the solutions as well as some useful reactive functions, ready to be imported by other modules.
  • the plotLorenz module, dedicated to plot results. I chose the Plotly library as it is well adapted for mobiles.
  • see the code for other modules

This app is able to detect whether it runs on a desktop/laptop or mobile device. Therefore the layout adapts to each platform. For mobiles, results are displayed in a tabBox, mainly to save space.

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