Shiny Contest Submission: Business Game of Innovation & Imitation

Features and highlights
This Shiny app is a two player board game. In the game, you are the CEO of a company that researches and sells consumer technology goods. A new product has been invented. You, along with one competitor, are the first to market. Each turn, you can choose between making your own investments in innovation or imitating your competitor.

  • Play against a computer opponent
  • Change the cost of innovation and imitation and see how market dynamics change
  • Review the game and identify your best and worst moves
  • Make your moves intuitively on an interactive game board

The app has been part of an economics study at Aalborg University which compared the behavior of humans and AI in business decisions. It can be used as a tool for teaching basics of competition strategy.

Technical details

  • The games uses ggplot2 with coord_equal() for its game board in a grid layout.
  • Interactivity is realized with ggiraph::geom_point_interactive()
  • The radioButtons() and ggiraph element are linked through an observeEvent() of the input$plot_selected element.
  • The game primarily uses dplyr. Its state is tracked in a list of dataframes. The coding style could be described as pseudo-object oriented, as the state object is modified in place by various functions such as do_move() or buy().

Live version

RStudio Cloud project

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