Shiny Contest Submission: Combat Game





This is simple combat game written in Shiny. In the game the simple AI algorithm is implemented. Based on the present state of the game it considers 10 x number of units possible actions and chooses the best one.


You can fight with 5 types of units:

  • knife - high mobility, average attack, low range and accuracy,
  • glock - an average mobility, low attack and range, an average accuracy,
  • rifle - an average mobility, high attack, range and accuracy,
  • sniper - low mobility, high attack, range and accuracy,
  • boss - high mobility, attack range and accuracy.

There can be only one boss in each team, so you must protect him.


In your turn you can choose any of your unit by click it. Then you will see the possible mobility hexes. By clicking in one of them you will move choosen unit. Hover any unit to see its HP. By double click you can attack any opponent which there is the range of your unit. If you won't attack, please click "END TURN" to change player.

Below the game map there is log, which shows all moves done during game.

New game

Click "NEW GAME" at the right-hand side and enjoy.


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