Shiny Contest Submission: D3 Interactive Visualization and Reporting

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This is a shiny app using D3.js library.

  • Simply click the bar in the chart or the dropdown tab to guide you to a monthly chart of clicked airflight. Then click "ALL" in the tab to reset.

  • You can write down the note or suggestions in the text box (support Markdown syntax), and your note will be print in a summary report (pdf or word)!

  • This app demonstrates the power of using R2D3 package which can link your data (in R) to D3.js script.

  • The note box part used noteMD R package (devtools::install_github("jienagu/noteMD")). Repos:


Just want to say that all of your submitted apps are awesome!!

and noteMD is :scream::scream: :+1: :+1:


Those charts are very impressive.

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Very cool. I've done something similar (drill down / zoom charts) using Highcharter, but it was a pain. Will take a look at your code later. Thanks!

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