Shiny Contest Submission: Demo Apps of shinyEventLogger Package for Logging Events in Complex Shiny Apps

The demo apps are showing how new logging framework dedicated for complex shiny apps can be used. Different types of events can be logged (character string, value of a variable, multi-line output of a function, result of a unit test, custom error, warning, or diagnostic message). Each event can be logged with a list of parameters that are event-specific, common for a group of events, or common for all app events. Logging can be done simultaneously to R console, browser JavaScript console, a file log, and a database (currently MongoDB). Log data can be further analyzed with the help of process-mining techniques from β€˜bupaR’ package.


Demo apps:

    – demo shiny app logging different types of events.
    – demo dashboard showing examples how logged events from the DemoApp can be analyzed.

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