Shiny Contest Submission: Didactic modeling process: Linear regression for a safety issue in rural areas of Antioquia - Colombia

Didactic modeling process

This application constitutes a didactic modeling process. The user can try to perform a linear regression model based on the ordinary least squares method step by step.

The application addresses a safety problem in the rural areas of Antioquia - Colombia. Through variables related to education, sport and safety itself, we seek to obtain a statistically valid model with a good adjusted R squared.

Shiny App URL: Here
RStudio Cloud Project: Here

Although it is not sought to reach a very complex model, it is sought that the user learn in each step basic concepts applied.

The application looks for the user to solve a real life problem, a social problem while learning. In each step, not only concepts are applied but also independent learning is encouraged to learn more about the mathematical concepts and processes behind it. Even at the end, there is an evaluation section where the user can answer questions about everything they learned and get immediate feedback.

Additional technical details:

  • The method used is ordinary least squares, the package used for this was lmtest
  • The steps are: Normality of the response variable, Exploratory analysis of the independent variables, multicollinearity, construction of the model, validation of the statistical assumptions of the residuals.
  • All information is provided by the department of Antioquia through its website, the link is located within the application.
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