Shiny Contest Submission: ... Diverstiy of Maize in Mexico (Spanish)

I did a shiny of the divesity of maize in México ( This Shiny try to visualize the huge diversity of this staple food. The data are a lot, so we (Conabio team) decided to do six different interactive page:

  1. Introducción that give the main information about the project

  2. Mapa. Is a map with all the data of maize and its wild relatives

3 Maíces. The basic information for every maize race with a picture and a graphic with plotly of its presence in each state of Mexico.
4 Sankey. A sankey plot that give other "point of view" of maize (this was very fun!)
5. Datos Adicionales. Just extra information about maize (Simple text).
6. Bibliografía. The reference to each document where we can find the data of the project.

All the code is in the Conabios's Github: and I wrote it with many comments.

In my site have other shiny app, thats an evidence that how much a love shiny and R!! :grin

kind regards to every one



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