Shiny Contest Submission: GitDiscoverer - What's trending in data science space on Github



Shiny app which shows what's trending in data science space on github

RStudio Cloud project

Gitdiscoverer at Rstudio cloud

Reproducibility at RstudioCloud Server

In order to reproduce this app at rstudio cloud server, you will need to generate oauth tokens. In my case, I was getting an error which says bad credentials and error in callback url was error in uri redirect mismatch. Please follow the instructions at rstudio support link There are few steps to try on the ticket, but the one which worked for me on rstudio cloud server:

Create the .httr-oauth token on your desktop and then copy the file to a server

Quick Overview

This project is a part of building a shiny app for rstudio shiny app contest. GitDiscoverer focuses on showing activity on github like top trending repositories, top trending developers in data science space and what influential data scientist are doing on github.



In order to run this app, Github provides REST API access to get variety of the data of your projects at Github. Since we are only interested in publicly available data. We will Authenticate with OAuth 2.0 which is the most secure option. In order to use OAuth option, you need Client ID and Client Secret.

If you don’t have them yet, go to

  1. Github Developers settings page , then Oauth Applications

  2. Register a new Application say

Application Name: Rstudio Shiny Contest
Homepage URL :
Application description : Rstudio 1st shiny Contest
Authorization callback URL : http://localhost:1410

On this page, you should be able to see Client key and Client Secret. Once you have the keys put them in global.R of this Shiny App and make sure you have active internet connection and you're all set to run GitDiscoverer.

More Detailed Explanation to Generte Keys at this Link

App at Work

Loading Screen

Tab 1 - Data Science Influencer

Please note if any of the username is invalid, app will throw an erorr, so make sure you enter a valid github username.

Tab 2 - Trending Repositories in Data Science

Tab 3 - Trending Developers in Data Science


  • Google Analytics
  • ShareThis

Gtihub Repo for Gitdiscoverer

Repo link



For any comments or questions, please email me at



Awesome work............

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Great work Raj!! Really impressive application.

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Thanks @Matt. I'm glad you liked it.



Thanks @Nitesh for your valuable feedback



Great work @rajk . Looking forward to more cool stuff.

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Great work Raj!! Keep it up.

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Awesome work. Good luck!

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Really appreciate your feedback.



Thanks. I am glad you liked the product.



Thanks for your feedback. More is coming !!



Nice app @rajk ! As a suggestion I would add a filter in the tables columns :wink:

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Hey @alessio, Really appreciate your feedback !!

That's a nice suggestion. I am going to extend this project further and will definitely incorporate your feedback and the ones I'm getting from the community in the next version of Gitdiscoverer. :smiley:


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