Shiny Contest Submission: Halo 5 Stats -- Visualize In-Game data using ggplot and cowplot!

(Sorry for the late submission, I just noticed the contest. If it can't be considered for a prize due to lateness, please include it as an honorable mention if it is deemed creative enough.) My first ever shiny app --

An app for accessing in game stats from Halo 5 and creating customizable & downloadable visualizations in ggplot. Search for a player’s name, and this app will connect to Microsoft’s Halo 5 API, import their game data, and create beautiful charts for downloading.

R Studio Cloud:

You may use the api already included in this app or sign up for one at 343 industries' Halo 5 api at


  1. App relies on HaloR package for api calls
  2. It uses cowplot for custom axis positioning of many graphical elements
  3. Embedded Javascript detects browser window dimensions and attempts to feed an appropriate aspect ratio to cowplot's save_plot call.
  4. My player name is hairball9000, but you can find other players here

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