Shiny Contest Submission: Interative Open Data for all counties in Kenya

This shiny app is a collation of all open data at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showing the various socio-economic-development indicators at the county level.

As an open data advocate, my frustration accessing open data from various government departments which is mostly stored inform of pdfs lead me to create a shiny app using R where one can easily access the information required (

This interactive dashboard has drawn a lot of interest among Kenyans and lead me to think of how to harness all the data in various ministries and county governments and make it available in the app.

In the first TAB, we interactively visualized the data using scatterplots

In the second TAB, we interactively visualize the data in a spatial map

The link to my app is: (

The link to my twitter hand where I tweet mostly about #rstats is: (

In conclusion, governments and other organizations should now move from open data to open dashboards

I am yet to learn how to use GitHub where I would have uploaded all my scripts and documents and data. I am however working on it and will upload everything there soon. Maybe you can share a good guide on this: (

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I can view the original post now as well as access the app.

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