Shiny Contest Submission: Mapping the Notable People of America

Did you know that legendary game show host Bob Barker hails from South Dakota?

I did, thanks to the Notable People Shiny app. I created this app by pulling information from Wikipedia profiles of everyone mentioned in a "Notable People" section of every town and city in the United States. This data was collected using Wikipedia's public API's.

In total, the data consist of roughly 100,000 people grouped into about 6,500 places. The map itself is hosted on Mapbox. To view the people associated with a location, simply click the location, and then click the arrow buttons on the righthand panel.

Technical note - owing to the large size of this data, I chose not to use Leaflet's popup feature. Instead, popups are generated using a function that tracks where on the map the mouse is hovering. This means that you need to be pretty zoomed in to click on a location. I recommend that you zoom in a couple of times before trying to click on a location; it also helps to hold Shift and use the arrow keys on your computer to scroll through the map.

App -
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