Shiny Contest Submission: Milwaukee Beer Dashboard

...Sorry for the late submission. Just noticed the contest. =( Hopefully it will still be considered or at least looked at :slight_smile:

Milwaukee Beer dashboard, track rankings and sentiment information about breweries and beers in Milwaukee, Wi. Made with Shinydashboard, tidyverse, and highcharter.

Make sure to click the bubbles for more information below.

R Studio Cloud:


Hello, guess that you Rstudio cloud project is not public (unauthorized). However I liked the GUI of your app, glad to have a look at your code to learn something new (guess I also have to take a look at the highchart package) :wink:

It’s not public? That’s weird, I made sure to make it public so that it could be evaluated in this contest. I’ll see if I checked the wrong checkbox.

I just checked and the app was already public. So I'm not quite sure why you weren't able to view it. However, I just clicked the checkbox to make it an "assignment" -- Is it viewable for you now?

It isn't visible to me either, but the app looks cool!

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