Shiny Contest Submission: Monte Carlo Simulation for the Board Game Risk


This app is designed to give Risk players an idea of their chances of conquest based on the number of armies in the territory they are attacking from and the number of defending armies. The output is designed to give a high level overview of your chances (should I do it or not) along with a detailed view of all the possible outcomes if you fight to the last man.

Some color adjustments make it a little more fun and are designed to match classic colors. There's also a scenario tool to calculate your chances of surviving with a certain number of armies still standing (in case you want to repel counterattacks).

My dream has been to play an 'augmented' Risk game allowing all players to use the tool, but I still haven't done it.

Link to the App

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Thanks for the submission!
Just a heads up that the 2019 Shiny Contest's deadline was March 8th. Since this submission was after that, it won't be judged this year. But thanks for sharing your work!

Check out all the submissions and the winners at the Shiny Contest Tag.

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