Shiny Contest Submission: New Zealand Trade Intelligence Dashboard



New Zealand Trade Intelligence Dashboard

First impression

Description of the shiny app

The New Zealand Trade Intelligence Dashboard provides up-to-date annual information on trade by commodities, services and trading partners. It presents a full picture of New Zealand’s trading profile through intuitive and interactive graphs and tables. It also provides powerful functionality enabling users to generate their own reports for different commodities, and markets or groups of markets that interest them. All figures, tables and data are downloadable. It works on both PCs and mobile devices.

The philosophy of user-centered design is executed throughout the entire UI and functionality design of the shiny app. There will be less than three clicks away for almost any of users needs.

The shiny app has the potential to be easily adapted to generate trade intelligence for other countries.

More info

  1. The URL for the shiny app is
  2. The public repository is
  3. Rstudio cloud project link is
  4. Further help on how to use the shiny app can be found


Looking great @weizhang, would you also add a link to the RStudio Cloud project containing the code? See here for instructions.


Thanks @mine . Just added it to Rstudio Cloud with the link

Quick question: what are the benefits of adding it to Rstudio Could and using the cloud please?


@weizhang One benefit of RStudio Cloud, specific to using it for contest submissions, is that it provides a fully reproducible environment to run your app. What you see is what others see as well, which is a step above providing just the code as that doesn't ensure same environment, package versions, etc. easily.

Another reason is that I think it makes it easier for others, especially those who might be new to Shiny, to learn from the contest submissions. There is just something really nice about being able to launch the app and play around with the code directly!

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