Shiny Contest Submission: Out Of Home Planner Platform

The Out Of Home Media Planner (OOH Planner) is a platform where customers can understand the behaviour of flow per OOH point in general or in relation to a specif audience, could be their clients or people who visited their competitors in retail and make strategies to influence a action in a specific address.

The platform has currently two visions:

1. Flow of Passers
The customer can see a macro view of each point by filtering the audience, type of OOH point and player (the owner) and understand the flow of passers for each point. Besides get information about a inference of gender and income of the passers of that point in two graphics.

2. Planning
At this tab, the customer can plan about actions to a specific store. Once they selected the store, the map will show the best OOH points to take into account in making action to that store based on people who visited the store and also have passed by the OOH point.

3. Performance Coming soon
This tab is being implemented and have the purpose to let the customers understand the performance of one of their OOH previously campaigns.

Here you can find:

You can also search for OOH-Planner repository on GitHub.


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