Shiny Contest Submission : ShinyAB - Shiny Apps Calculator of Sample Size for AB test

First thank RStudio for providing us with an interesting contest ! I'm always look forward to new posts about this contest from shiny users with various back-ground.

This application is a shiny apps calculator of sample size for AB test which is a framework to investigate significant different between control and treatment groups.

This app built in Shiny Dashboard includes the following functions.

  1. Calculate sample size to design AB Test using power.prop.test
  2. Understand statistical Type I and II error using visual table built in kableExtra
  3. Visualize effect and distribution for AB Test using plotly and ggplot2


Moreover, Inspired by timwilson7, I added plot Lift running day from his great apps.

A screenshot of the app

Welcome to let me know any suggestions!

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