Shiny Contest Submission: Split the Bill (Gender) Equally

This is a simple little app designed (intended) to be readily usable on a mobile device.

A gender pay gap persists. To promote awareness of that fact, as well as to provide at least a token acknowledgment of the problem, why not split the bill for your meal in a way where the women at the table get a break on their meal cost that is proportional to their country-wide depressed income?

The app pulls data from a Google Sheet that has a list of 40+ countries where gender pay gap data was available. Using that data, the app just does a little bit of algebra based on:

  • The total bill
  • The number of people splitting the bill
  • The gender mix of the people splitting the bill

It then corrects if, for instance, there is some nominal bit of change left over if the rounded totals do not quite add up to the bill total ("Someone needs to throw in an extra 0.02...").

The links:

Animation of the app in action:


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