Shiny Contest Submission: Text Mining Tool - Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis from Twitter Data


The Text Mining Tool is a self service tool that provides, in a very simple way, text mining and sentiment analysis from online Twitter data. The goal of this App is to encourage researches in text mining area.



Just 3 steps are necessary to search and analyse data from twitter using this tool.


The first step is search some data from twitter. At this step you will need to choose the language, the number of tweets, and the term in order to collect data in twitter API.

At this stage you will select the data to perform all analysis at the tool.

Word Cloud

The second step is a little descriptive analysis according to the collected data.

At this stage it is possible to identify what words are more popular related with your search, split the positive from negative words, and remove unnecessary words (stopwords).

Sentimental Analysis

The last step is the sentimental analysis related to your search. The steps will be described below.

At this point it is possible to know the sentiments arround the searched term. You could also add relevant words with positive and/or negative connotation, as well as using weights based on the words' frequencies.

PS: To run this app localy it is necessary to have Twitter autorization (access_token, access_secret, api_key, api_secret). If you do not have this autorization yet use the comand rtweet::vignette("auth") .


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