Shiny Contest Submission: The Happy Twitter Application - An Interactive Visualization

Happy Twitter: An Interactive Visualization on Happy Trends on Twitter.

As an avid twitter user (A fancy way of saying that I am always on twitter) it is easy to get overwhelmed by the constant stream of negative news and toxicity so I created a Interactive Shiny app that tells you what people are happy about on Twitter, who they are and why they are happy. Hopefully you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed created this! :slight_smile:


App Link:
Rstudio Cloud Project:



Twitter: @RosebudAnwuri


The application is made using a number of htmlwidgets' charts (sunburstR, Biocircos, bpexploder, leaflet etc) and used the argonDash library for the Shiny layout. The shiny application is connected to a local SQLite database which is refreshed every 24 hours at midnight (GMT) using taskScheduler to reduce the latency of having to search twitter every single time the application is launched. The job script is also available on Github.

I used a number of advanced customizations like css and javascript to fix bugs and get desired outputs.

Most visualizations are saved as html files on the server and read in as iframes due to d3 version clashes.


Wow! I love it! I really like the fancy but not overwhelmed design of the web page! Your happy twitter really make me happy! :slight_smile:

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