Shiny Contest Submission: The ten most similar players - Pro Evolution Soccer 2019


Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is one of the most practiced electronic games in the world. The goal of the App is to get the ten players most similar to a player selected by the user in the game PES 2019. The similarity between the players is determined using a data mining technique called k-nearest neighbors.


Live Version:
RStudio cloud:
GitHub: ThiagoValentimMarques/The-ten-most-similar-players-Pro-Evolution-Soccer-2019


This app is an interactive tool that allows any user to choose a soccer player from the game and find the ten players most similar whith him.


The user must choose a player, apply the necessary filters and click the Update Filters button. To view the graphs of similar players it is necessary to click on the name of the players generated in the legend of the chart.


Thiago Valentim Marques
Júlio César Soares
Francisco Canindé Assis de Oliveira

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