Shiny Contest Submission: Visualizing Biodiversity in National Parks data

Biodiversity in National Parks is an app that let you visualize Kaggle's biodiversity dataset. By using the National Park Service database of animal and plant species identified in individual national parks, the application offers a graphical representation of the data with maps and charts.



  • The application layout is made with shinydashboard, that semplifies the creation of dashboards

  • The maps are realized with the leaflet package, with an implementation of the species choropleth map

  • A visual representation of the species' taxonomy is made with the collapsibleTree package, which make very effective the graphical representation of hierarchical trees

  • A web scraping component runs in the backend, and retrieves parks pictures by using the rvest package

  • Integrated with the google analytics.js library, to measure how users interact with the app


This should be the homepage of the NPS. Your fantastic work makes me want to go out and explore.

Thanks @Marine ! Happy that you've liked it! (guess that I'll add some additional plots & charts in the future :wink:)

Impressive App @alessio!

Thanks @rajk it was really fun building it, and discovered a bunch of interesting new packages such as the collapsibleTree which I definitively recommend to everyone that wants to build nice trees :medal_military:

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