Shiny dashboard works well on MAC OSx and not on Windows 10

Hi to All,

I have a Shiny dashboard running perfectly on a MacBookPro with installed Big Sur OS.

The same dashboard running on any PC with Windows 10 correctly opens but only showing empty boxes. No plotly graph appears. The date fields cannot be filled. No errors are reported during the Shiny app launching procedure

Even if I am eliminating all plots and only a dateInput is shown by the dashboard, I cannot use it. It looks like all fields are frozen

Formerly, it was regularly working

Anyone can help? All the PCs are running the latest versions of R and RStudio

I also add the outcome of the options(shiny.trace=TRUE) command run on a Windows PC:

Listening on
Warning in eval(ei, envir) : si è prodotto un NA per coercizione
SEND {"config":{"workerId":"","sessionId":"a845549faa21d32c5b3429cc108f7f51","user":null}}
RECV {"method":"init","data":{".clientdata_pixelratio":1,".clientdata_url_protocol":"http:",".clientdata_url_hostname":"",".clientdata_url_port":"7008",".clientdata_url_pathname":"/",".clientdata_url_search":"",".clientdata_url_hash_initial":"",".clientdata_url_hash":"",".clientdata_singletons":""}}
SEND {"busy":"busy"}
SEND {"busy":"idle"}
SEND {"errors":{},"values":{},"inputMessages":}

The last three rows look like an absence of communication.

In the MacBookPro I get all the needed communication

Many thanks

Can you make a reprex of a small shiny dashboard that has a non functional dateInput on windows but otherwise works on your mac OS set up ?

Thanks for the reply.

In the meantime, I have figured out that on the Windows machines Shiny 1.6 is running. Whereas in the MAC the Shiny 1.5 version was running. Now that I have updated Shiny to the version 1.6 also on the MAC computer I have the same problem as in the Windows PCs

Probably, it is an issue of version relative to reactivity in the new version 1.6.

I suppose your temporary solution is to move both back to 1.5
For support with the issue on 1.6, I think a reprex like I mentioned before would be required.

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