Shiny development with node.js add-ons

I developed a production-level shiny app months back but recently have spent a lot of time learning about node development/npm packages (webdev in general). I'd love to continue taking advantage of R for data analysis and visuals, but add-on node and npm-package specific functionality for DOM-related tasks etc. I understand things like shiny.inputChange so I can see the power that javascript packages could bring

Does anyone have a resource or documented workflow for integrating node and npm packages into a shiny application?

My primary confusion is with:

  1. Integrating npm packages into the the shiny app. Unless there is a way to efficiently minify all the node_modules/ to lump into the www/ dir of the shiny app
  2. Deployment. My workflow is currently dockerizing and deploying the app with AWS. But I don't have experience launching both node and shiny side-by-side. Seems like there would need to be proxying? The main situation here is the docker file and port-mapping I suppose.

I haven't come across any excellent resources yet for this (article, video, etc). I did stumble on this resource from @greg, but I don't believe this is a solution for my situation:

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