Shiny Download Handler Dynamically Assign Filename Error

I'm trying to modify filename output in the Download Handler in R Shiny

activeUploadId <- reactiveVal(NULL)

output$cleanedDownload <- downloadHandler(
    filename = activeUploadId(),
    content = function(file) file.copy(paste0("cleaned/", activeUploadId()), file))

Get this error: 'x' is NULL so the result will be NULL
Warning: Error in <-: replacement has length zero

I've also tried a filename with a function and unable to find a way to assign a filename (it changes for each user/processing).

I'm a little unclear. What value do you want the filename to take? Do you want it to depend on a user input, or do you just want some unique value?

I would want it to depends on user input.

Okay, a simple way would be something like this:

ui <- fluidPage(
  textInput('file', 'Enter File Name (without extension)')

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$cleanedDownload <- downloadHandler(
      filename = paste0(input$file, '.ext'),
      content = function(file) file.copy(file_to_be_copied, file)

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