Shiny- DT: dynamic format Style

I am trying to use an editable DT table in shiny.
The cells should be highlighted according to some rules (in this instance, the cells of V1 are highlighted when "new" equals 0 or 1).

However, I cannot make it work dynamically: when the user edits the values, the highlighted cells remain unchanged. Should I use a reactive and how?

Here is my short code:


  ui = fluidPage(DTOutput('tbl')),

  server = function(input, output) {

df =, 3), 10)))
    output$tbl=   renderDataTable({
      datatable(df, editable = T)%>% 
        'V1', 'new',
        backgroundColor = styleEqual(c(0, 1), c('gray', 'yellow'))

Thank you for your help!

PS: I asked that also on SO:

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