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Hi all,

Very stoked about the release of shiny for python. I am very new to python and I was wondering if there are any resources similar to GitHub - nanxstats/awesome-shiny-extensions: ๐Ÿ Awesome R packages that offer extended UI or server components for the R web framework Shiny that would help me identify widgets that I could use in my apps.

In particular, I would love to find python widgets equivalents of

  • DT/reactable to display a table with filtering etc.
  • Shiny validate to validate user input
  • Waiter for loading screens etc



Hi @iain, for the 1st item, try using qgrid via shinywidgets:

Currently we don't have "1st class" solutions for the other 2 items, but it doesn't seem like porting relevant projects over to python would be very difficult.


Thanks @cpsievert, qgrid looks like a great alternative to DT based on the demo app in the third link you shared.

Regarding shiny validate, I can't speak highly enough about how impactful this package has been at improving the UX of the apps that I build at my company. It is the type of feedback interaction every user expects of an app.

In case it is of interest, ipydatagrid also looks like a promising DT like widget - GitHub - bloomberg/ipydatagrid: Fast Datagrid widget for the Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab developed by one of the maintainers of ipywidgets

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itables is a python widget for DT and I have created a suggestion issue for support at py-shinywidgets.
Suggestion - support for itables/DT ipython a widget ยท Issue #54 ยท rstudio/py-shinywidgets ยท GitHub

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