Shiny : How to display a spatial data frame with renderTable

Hi, I am building a Shiny app with a Leaflet map based on a PostgreSQL spatialdatabase.

I succeeded to import the spatial data (shapefile) into SpatialPolygonDataFrame and to display it on Leaflet widget.

I am now trying to display the data from the SpatialDataFrame with a RenderTable output, but its not working in shiny, even by converting it with I get this warning :

Warning in if (! { :
the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used
Warning in charToRaw(enc2utf8(text)) :
argument should be a character vector of length 1
all but the first element will be ignored

Or this one whitout the conversion :

Warning: Error in as.character.default: no method for coercing this S4 class to a vector
[No stack trace available]

However this conversion is enough to dispay the table with view(), kable() or other display functions, but not in Shiny. I guess it is a datatype problem, but i didn't figured out how to fix this.
Should I make another conversion? Anyone got an idea?

My code :

ui <- fluidPage(
tabPanel(leafletOutput("m",width = "100%", height = 1000)),

server <- function(input,output, session){

data <- reactive({
x <- test1

output$mymap <- renderLeaflet({
test1 <- data()

m <- leaflet(data = sample_test1) %>%
addTiles() %>%
setView(lng=-52.3333300, lat=4.9333300 , zoom=10) %>%
addPolygons(data=sample_test1, weight=2, col="black", opacity=0.5)

output$table <- renderDataTable(


shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

Hi back,

I finally fixed my problem. It was absolutely not a datatype conversion problem. I had to change

tableOutput(sample_1) by dataTableOutput('table') in my .UI by I had yet made a call to renderDataTable in my .server :

output$table <- renderDataTable(sample_test1)

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