shiny icons of the clock



I would like to know how I can create an icon for my shiony application

I use

,icon = icon("pie-chart")

I would like to replace "pie-chart by "hours", is it possible?

,icon = icon("hours")

hours = symbol of the clock



Icons are coming from fontawesome version 4. Not the current version 5. The name of the icon refer to the glyph there. So you should likely use clock-o to have the clock symbol. See:

or search with keywords to find what you need.




Thanks to your reply.

How I can insert the line below to my ouput ?

<i class="fa fa-clock-o" aria-hidden="true"></i>



My understanding is that you have to type clock-o in the icon parameter. or use basic insert html element in you shiny code using the dedicated tags. Here a tags$i().




In fact there is a dedicated function for that: