Shiny R + Leaflet + OpenStreetMap

I am trying to create a shiny app where in OpenStreetMap one point is connected to 4(or more) other points with curved lines.
I have tried to modify the example below:
but without success. Seems to work fine for two points but gets very difficult for a dataset of two columns where the first row is the point which should be joined with others(other rows)

Please help

Could you share the code you are using?

I've used that exact SO answer to implement a lot of arcs simultaneously to show the birth locations of people who have performed at Carnegie Hall. Here is the repo with the code in a functioning Shiny app (sorry it's not hosted right now, but your should be able to download/clone and run on your local machine)

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Hi Nate,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
I downloaded the repo and YES in your example there is answer to my problem.
I am really really grateful for your help and for this great RStudio community.
Kind regards to you all

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