shiny server git symbolic links

I just went through the steps laid out here:

to set up a shiny-server. I connected it to git, made an initial commit, and pushed content to github.

My issue is when I clone the repo onto my local machine I only get 'symbolic' links to the html files and other folders. This is my first encounter with symbolic links and I'm not sure how to proceed. I would like to just have a hard link so I can edit the files directly in a local workspace.

Any advice on hard links or other approaches to git would be helpful. Thanks

Can you give specific steps to reproduce this issue? I have been using this same git setup for some years now without any issue. Are you testing with the sample apps? Have in mind that the sample apps are actually symlinks so that is expected.

The exact steps I went through after installing git on the server.

cd /srv/shiny-server
git init

Navigate to github and create a new repo. Copy the URL for that repo.

git remote add origin <paste the url to the repo I just made>
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git push -u origin master

Then cloned onto a local machine with VS Code. The sample apps folder is also a symbolic link so I am not able to open the folder and see the contents.

Maybe your issue is VS Code related since I can't replicate your issue with RStudio, the only symlinks I get are those of the sample apps, all my apps are cloned properly.

I tried cloning with RStudio and I am still not able to view the default index.html. This isn't a huge issue as I can remake the html file, but was just wondering if others have experienced symlinks / solved symlinks.

Again, if you are talking about the sample apps and default content, they are symlinks on the server, so you can't expect to clone something different locally. That doesn't mean that your own apps or content are going to be cloned as symlinks.

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