Shiny times out on iPhone not on desktop

Suppose you have a very simple Shiny app and you never/rarely want to see the "Disconnected from server. Reload" message because it would confuse the general public. I call this Going Grey.

If I set the app_idle_timeout to 0 or a large number in /etc/shiny-server/shiny-server.conf I note that a tab in a desktop browser such as Chrome or Safari doesn't Go Grey for a long while even if it is not the currently active tab. Great.

On my iPhone, if the Shiny App is my active tab, it doesn't Go Grey quickly. However, if I open another tab and read for 1-2 minutes and go back to the Shiny App tab it will have Gone Grey.

Is this preventable?

# Instruct Shiny Server to run applications as the user "shiny"
run_as shiny;
sanitize_errors false;
preserve_logs true;

# Define a server that listens on port 3838
server {
  listen 3838;
  location /tmp {
    site_dir /srv/shiny-server/tmp/;
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server;
  # Define a location at the base URL
  location / {
    # Defines the amount of time (in seconds) an R process with no active connections should remain open.
    app_idle_timeout 60000;
    # Host the directory of Shiny Apps stored in this directory
    site_dir /srv/shiny-server;
    # Log all Shiny output to files in this directory
    log_dir /var/log/shiny-server;
    # When a user visits the base URL rather than a particular application,
    # an index of the applications available in this directory will be shown.
    directory_index on;
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