shiny to production in ubuntu server


I want to create and push to production a shiny application.

What I did :

  1. developed a little application for testing (in ubuntu desktop)
  2. I also created an ubuntu server with virtualbox where I want to push the app.
  3. In remote server, I installed R and shiny package
  4. I copied my app folder in remote server with scp command and run it with runapp.r (an url is shown)

I tried to copy this url in chrome, but nothing happen, I have no access to the application.

I think is a config problem but I'm stuck right now

Any help is appreciated.


You need to install shiny-server in your remote server and then copy your app's folder into /srv/shiny-server/


I can successfully access the app using a private IP and the default port used in shiny-server. I would like to know how to make it accessible to people from outside the network. I have my public IP but I don't know what the corresponding port is. Can you help me accomplish this?