shinyapp deployment error


Facing this error since 2 days while deploying my app on

Not sure whether it helps but it looks as if you try to access a MySQL data base via localhost ( This will work on your local machine but the instance on won't have this MySQL server running locally.

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Can you please suggest the possible solution steps?

I apologize but without additional information and a reproducible example it is very hard to help. I suggest that you figure out how to make sure that your code can access the mysql data base when running on a remote system (like on Good luck!

If your MySQL server accepts remote connections and you have a static public ip you can simply replace localhost ( by your public ip in the connection string. If you don't have a static public ip you can use a Dinamic DNS service (e.g. to point towards your sql server.

Another option, if you dont need to update the data frequently is to export your data to a file and deploy it along with your app instead of making an odbc connection.

What additional information you need?

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