Shinyapp fails to start with browseURL error...

I am working on a shiny application that works perfectly while within RStudio, but fails to start when deployed on Loading of the app ends with a message stating that :slight_smile:

An error has occurred

Unable to connect to worker after 60.00 seconds; startup took too long. Contact the author for more information.

The log looks normal, with no error reported, until the end of it, which states:

2023-07-31T13:15:07.802339+00:00 shinyapps[8139369]: Listening on
2023-07-31T13:15:07.803198+00:00 shinyapps[8139369]: Cannot visit because the browseURL function is disabled.

Out of MANY applications I wrote, this is the first time I see this message. In none of them I encountered the need to enable the browseURL function.

What would be the steps to fix this problem and make the app run normally?

Thanks for any help

Daniel C.

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