- list of network methods

I have an app deployed to which has a leaflet map embedded within it. When i open the app in Chrome/Firefox the app loads but the leaflet map take minutes to load and then the whole app times out. When I open the app in IE 11, there are no issues and the app loads in seconds. The map is only displaying a few polygons.

Looking at the Chrome console network activity there is a xhr_streaming process that sits open for a very long time (minutes) which seems to be the issue although I have no idea what xhr_sreaming is used for? The work around I have found so far is when the app is loaded to press ctrl + alt + shift + A and then deselect xhr_streaming from the list of network methods. The app then functions without issue.

This is fine for finding the issue but you can't have an app for multiple users where this is the way to solve the problem. Is there another way to solve this issue? If anyone can offer any insight it is greatly appreciated.

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