deployment Error: There is no package error

I am trying to deploy my application on but facing unwanted errors only in deployment stage.

Loading required package: tidyverse
Warning in library(package, lib.loc = lib.loc, character.only = TRUE, logical.return = TRUE,  :
  there is no package called ‘tidyverse’
Error in value[[3L]](cond) : object 'Translator' not found
Calls: local ... tryCatch -> tryCatchList -> tryCatchOne -> <Anonymous>

Initially, I was using app.R to run the shinyapp but even using it I was facing error, so I separated it into ui.R and server.R.
Following this thread: Error when publishing shiny app to error error in value 3l (cond) there is no package called ‘shinythemes’’
However, even after separating it, I am encountering same errors and it is occurring for all the packages.
Also, I saved all the packages in global.R and also, tried saving it in helper.R file plus sourcing.

Following this thread: There is no package called ‘shinydashboard’

but nothing changed.

I previously was working with shiny server open source but was facing performance challenges thats why switched to

Will be really thankful if anyone can help!!

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